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Innovative Entertaining Educator

Maureen MouldAs an award-winning Humorous Toastmaster speaker, Maureen offers an array of captivating and inspirational presentations. Maureen has a knack for taking an ordinary situation and turning it into a fun, humorous and hopeful learning experience. She offers several PowerPoint presentations that are put to music and portray heartwarming stories of her clowning adventures.  “Bringing Hope to Life through the Power of the Red Nose,” shares her clown outreach at Ground Zero.  Another PowerPoint called “Compassionate Clowning” exemplifies other travels to third world countries, New Orleans and other places affected by tragedy.  Presentations have included speaking at national, state and regional conferences; churches;retreats for youth, families and adults; health care and educational events; businesses and service clubs.  

Some comments of those who have heard Maureen include:

“What an inspiration!”
“I learned so many new things from her and it was so much fun.”
“Her love and warmth is transferred to all.”
“Her presentation gave me energy.”

Download Maureen's Motivational Speaking Brochure [pdf 1.1 MB]

Maureen has reached the Advanced Silver Toastmaster Speaking Level! Read more about this important milestone.


Seminars and Workshops

Schedule Maureen to speak but below is a hint:

Imagine no more…Maureen Mould, an award-winning humorous Toastmaster speaker and educator, will guide you in discovering the keys to making your work and personal relationships extraordinary. You can successfully change all aspects of your life in ways you could never imagine. Maureen is the founder and executive director of Kaleidoscope Konnections, a non-profit organization dedicated to offering creative presentations that give hope, teach, and encourage. She will share enlightenments from her life’s journey to living in the extraordinary, so you can too.

In a keynote address, a short presentation, or half-day seminar you will learn how to:

How will learning the 3 L’s impact you or your organization? Through audience participation, humor, and heart-warming stories you will discover life doesn’t need to be so hard. You will experience and practice steps to implementing the 3 L’s and leave equipped to immediately apply these keys to success in all areas of your life.

Denise, a forced-into-early-retirement teacher from NJ who attended this workshop, shared that adversity is not just surviving life’s storms but learning to dance in the rain. 

Now’s your chance… take the leap to go beyond your imagination and make extraordinary real in your business and personal life. 

YouTube Testimonials:

Diabetes Goodie Book

“Trainer Maureen Mould’s warmth, knowledge, and deep commitment to children, captivates her audience, inspiring each person to think a little differently about their own job”
Kat Overman, Organizer WEEL/AFT

Retreat Facilitator

For fees and scheduling contact:

Maureen Mould, MS

Dedicated to bringing MOTIVATION, ENCOURAGEMENT, FUN and ENLIGHTENMENT to life, Kaleidoscope Konnections offers an array of multifaceted services to adults and children alike, in all types of settings.

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