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Clown Ministries and Compassionate Clowning

I Offer My LifeClown Ministries

As “OOCHEE” the Clown, Maureen creates and performs gospel mime and children's shows for Vacation Bible Schools, Sunday’s Children’s Time and for other church events. Music and surprise all lead to a fun and uplifting experience through various presentations. Each unique program is tailored to meet the theme and needs of any audience or occasion.

Some of “OOCHEE’S” ecumenical vignettes include:

The Life of Christ – portrayed to background Christian music and includes the Last Supper, which is served by pastoral staff. Approximate time is 30 minutes, depending on the number of people receiving communion.  This is a life-changing experience.

I Offer My Life – In this vignette, “OOCHEE” whimsically portrays the God’s desire for us to give everything we have to Christ and it will be blessed and honored. 4 Minutes performing time.

Hope and Healing for the World – This vignette uses Isaiah 58 to portray God’s healing love for our brokenness. 6 Minutes performing time.

The Basin and the Towel – In this simple yet powerful mime, two clowns exemplify Jesus’ forgiveness, acceptance and love as the washing of the apostles' feet is uniquely portrayed. 10 Minutes performing time.

"OOCHEE's" Clowning Connection is a program of Kaleidoscope Konnections, a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation.

“My Life” by “OOCHEE” the Clown

Compassionate Clowning

Compassionate Clowning

Compassionate ClowningEach year since 1999, “OOCHEE” and friends travel on a clown outreach compassionate clowning trip to bring joy and smiles to those who have suffered loss and trauma in their lives. 

Clowning in native Arctic villages
Clowning for Katrina Victims
Clowning at Ground Zero
Clowning in Flood Torn Western Washington

Download a flyer on Oochee's Compassionate Clowning ministries.

For fees and scheduling contact:

Maureen Mould, MS

Dedicated to bringing MOTIVATION, ENCOURAGEMENT, FUN and ENLIGHTENMENT to life, Kaleidoscope Konnections offers an array of multifaceted services to adults and children alike, in all types of settings.

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