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School assemblies and programs on bullyingSchool Programs and Assemblies

The Perfect Blend between Education and Entertainment;
All Programs meet the Washington State K-12 ARTS Learning Standards

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Bloomin' Buddies

“Bloomin' Buddies” is a 45-minute bullying, drug and gang prevention clown program.  It uses songs, tricks and antics to teach elementary-age children how to stand up to a bully or go for help by “sprouting confidence.” Children learn that when they look and act confident, they are less likely to be picked on or pulled into a gang. The bully learns how to “grow friendships” when learning to value differences in others and to respect another’s feelings and words. This engaging early intervention production reinforces the concepts taught in the research based curriculum "Second Step"®, which is used in schools nationwide. Children participate along with the clowns in both English and Spanish as they learn steps to building confidence and ways to calm down when angry.  In the end everyone realizes they can make a positive difference in their school, world and community.  A music CD as well as Supplemental Materials are available, i.e. Bilingual Parent Flyer, Classroom Guide and Bilingual Posters.  A Parent Meeting Follow-Up is also available.

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Bloomin' Buddies Bullying Prevention Music

Bloomin' Buddies Bullying Prevention Music CD

Track 1: Making Friends
Track 2: Stand Up Tall
Track 3: Please Use Kind Words
Track 4: In the Middle of the Muddle is Me
Track 5: We're Different but the Same
Track 6: Bloomin' Buddies
Track 7: Stop Bullying Chant
Track 8: Making Friends Reprise
Tracks 9-15: Instrumental versions

Bloomin' Buddies music CDs can be purchased for $20 each, which includes shipping and handling. Only checks and money orders accepted. Visit the Products page for more information on purchasing this CD.

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Let’s C.O.R.K. Bullying

Let’s C.O.R.K. Bullying

Imagine a show that uses magic, rap, comedy (no clowns) and tons of audience participation to get your kids excited about stopping bullying!

Imagine a show that your students, teachers, parents, and administrators will love and talk about for days, weeks, and months to come!

Imagine no more!  Your school will be amazed at how magic grabs attention and teaches a valuable lesson at the same time. They will laugh at the hysterical comedy. But most importantly, they will get excited about corking bullying before it starts! The  “Let’s Cork Bullying”  is a 45 minute program that delivers a powerful and motivational message that confidence & courage, respect & kindness and stepping in to help are the tools kids need to hear and use to cork bullying.  The keys to corking bullying are:

C = Courage & Confidence
O = Observe & Own it (No By-standing)
R = Respect differences & feelings
K = Kindness by our words & actions

C.O.R.K. Program Brochure

Read more of Maureen thoughts about bullying in Yakima Herald’s Playdate Magazine “Back to School Bullying” August/September 2012

Daily Sun News: October 29, 2013 - Magic And Rap Used To Cork Bullying


Let’s C.O.R.K. Bullying program videos


Three Clowns

Clown School Presentations on Making FriendsMaking Friends” is a 45-minute presentation filled with active audience participation, songs, tricks and antics.  The theme of the show is on how important friends are in our lives and how we need to be a friend to others.  This assembly is geared toward elementary age children.

“Making Friends” is a whimsical high-energy and FUNNY Clown Performance about:

  • How to make friends by building confidence
  • Keys to being a helpful friend
  • Ideas for healthy snacks to share and
  • Experiencing the FUN of reading & laughing together

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Making Friends Clown Program Feedback

New Clown Program – Senior Life-Enhancement

Through the use of laughter, tricks, antics, sing-a-longs and multi-cultural instruments, the clowns are enhancing the lives of seniors.  This sensory program engages seniors who reside in various levels of nursing home care and senior living centers.  The active-participatory activities draws out residents, engages them in responding and most of all, lightens their spirits.

See the Senior Life-Enhancement video on YouTube

Resident Testimonial


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